Phones, GPS and other technical stuff for riding

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Phones, GPS and other technical stuff for riding

justin partridge
Thought I'd start a thread on the tech that people use for riding - phones, GPS, MP3 players etc, and the apps and websites that are any good.

So for starters I think most of us would recommend Everytrail which is what most of us use to track as we ride. It allows photos etc to be geotagged as well. Just one note of caution - despite what it says on the website it doesn't work with BlackBerries.

For BB a similar product is Sportypal - does pretty much the same, but also allows you to set exercise goals etc.

I am also using MMtracker on my andriod - if you have memory map (or even just access to the .qct map files, which can be found across the internet) you can load full OS 25k Explorer maps to your phone. The free version allows you to view maps and see your current location via GPS, the paid for version (£5) will allow you to upload routes and tracks, and follow them on your phone.

So what else are you using tech wise?
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