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Immersion Peter
As most of us do our own maintenance and fit upgrades, it occurred to me that it might be useful to know what special tools we have between us that others could borrow when needed.  I have the following bits of kit that spend most of their time lying in a drawer in my shed:

Shimano cassette tool
Chain whip
Shimano Hollowtech bottom bracket tool
Cable cutters
Allen and Torx keys
Bike specific torque wrench
Cutting guide for steerer tubes & handlebars
Cone spanners
Crown race removal tool (fits all standard steerer tubes)
Grease gun
Spoke key

Happy to lend any of the above to people I know well
It'll be all Whyte on the night 😃
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Re: Sharing tools

Steve IOM
I have most of the above (not items 6,7 & 9)

I also have the following and as I'm a bit further away than Peter, (Where I got them from)

Mavic spoke key for the castellated type nipples on Crossmax wheels. (CRC)
Very small Torx driver set - useful for removing brake bleed screws etc (Maplins).
Chainring nut Tool (CRC) or (old screwdriver modfied with file or grinder).
Square Taper Crank Removal Tool (Local Bike Shop)

and the indispensable
Set of Stillsons 2 feet long!
(that I used the other week to remove a V. tight pedal spindle on someone else's poorly maintained old bike).
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